Create a quotation in just few clicks with ABook


Quotations, sales and deliveries by the consumer are made on the basis of these general terms and conditions of business, supply and payment. It is where your organization makes its offer to do business, where your prospective buyers have room to negotiate, and where they (hopefully) make the decision to do business with you. For the buyer it  marks the beginning of a business relationship It is the first glimpse into how responsive you are, and how easy it will be to do business with you in the future.

Today, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) vendors can shave off most through the end-to-end process is the same.

  • Create E-quotation along with sales information providing detailed explanations for pricing, components, service packages, and other value-adds and send to customer Via any devices.
  • Customer provides confirmation or changes in e-quotation
  • Upon customer acceptance real time notification will be automatically sent to the sales representative through software / by email.
  • Create Electronic Sales Order (ESO) to your customer for final confirmation.
  • Create E-Invoice and Electronic Delivery Order (E-DO) confirmation

Abook helps you speed up the quotation process by giving your customers the ability to instantly access these from any location and enables your customers to electronically accept and sign proposals or add comment on the quotation subject to the Acceptance Terms you specify. Once the quote is accepted. The quote is marked accepted and you will be notified immediately via e-mail,  You can then fulfil the order as required and notify your customer once you are ready.