How Does Cheque Management Work in ABook?

Cheque Management:

Abook cheque Management function state raising E-Cheque request to the Management for the Approval before processing payment to the vendors. Where the company can plan for the cash flow and to avoid insufficient funds (INF) situation before approving the E-Cheque Request to retain company’s reputation. Checks are managed in the current account system as means of payment.

Benefit of functions:

  • Keeping track of issued and cancelled cheques line cheque logbook.
  • The Cheque approval by management is a tedious job where E-cheque function management approves the cheques without human interaction and save the company’s time.
  • Cancellation of payment request for unwanted vendors whose payment is not due or stop due to uncertainty.
  • Generation of Cheque number on approval of cheque, keep records of the issued cheques, cancelled cheques.
  • E-Cheque Printing option.
  • Avoid entering of duplicate payment voucher data, post payment voucher upon approval of the cheque.
  • Keeping track of the number of cheque books.

Abook will provide a connection between the accountant and the management to process the payment transactions.