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ABook offers you a set of personalized services to facilitate the transmission of all your bookkeeping and customer management tasks.

Why ABook?

Access 24x7

Access and manage data stored in cloud, allowing you to run your business from your devices anytime.

Analytics & reports

It keeps you updated on the status of your business finances and also helps you save cost and time.


Low cost to launch. Easy to use platform that enables your business to run simple from end-to-end.


Abook builds upon the cloud infrastructure to deliver the most secure cloud platform in strict compliance.

Automate your tasks and let ABook do the work for you.

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Our Products

Specialized Softwares

For Automobile Workshop

Powerful Control on Daily Workshop Jobs

This industry has become increasingly complex, the cost of maintaining accurate and current documentation are escalating as well. You cannot afford to lose your business opportunity to a competitor just at a pretext of operating with legacy system. We helped to compete and emerge successful in a connected market. Our real-time analytics help you operate with real-time information.

For General Industry

100% Resources and Time Management - A Complete Digitally Integrated System

Due to lack of resources and time constraint, you cannot forgo a customer delight. Our Software help create a digitally integrated system that create value to your end customer. It also provides customized and digital solutions to turn you into an industry leader.

For Jewellery Industry

Daily Sales, Gold Position on Fix/Unfix

Controlling and managing jewellery business is made easy, quick, accurate & efficient. Abook helps generate extremely detailed and real-time reports like daily sales, gold position on fix/unfix reports for your business analysis, and other financial reports which will enhance the business.

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